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Where has it gone?

Clicking the 'Pilots' link on the main website reveals a page with a big unstructured list of links. This new Wiki is in part an attempt to address that and produce a more coherent structure. But maybe you knew where your favourite link was, but now where it is now? This page will tell you what has gone where. As far as possible links are now in a relevant section of this Wiki.

Old Description Look in
Post-COVID Restart Documents Linked from Online Resources
Daily Booking In Form -Track & Trace Linked from Restart
Click here for Gift Aid Form (pdf) Linked from Governance
Welcome to the SGC (pdf) - an introductory booklet for new members Linked from 8. New Members
Code of Conduct (pdf) - how we should conduct ourselves Linked from Start and Governance
Airfield Manual - Essential reading for ALL Portmoak pilots Linked from Airfield Manual
RMS Linked from Online Resources
Duty Roster (DutyMan) Linked from Online Resources
Scottish Land-out Fields Database - Cup file & Excel File. Linked from XC
Tephigrams-sgc-by-phil-dolan/ Linked from Evening Talks and XC
Flysafe Linked from Online Resources
New Online Reporting Linked from Online Resources
Safety newsletter Listed in Newsletters
Emergency Action Plan and Post Accident Guide Linked from 2. Safety on the Airfield and in the Air
Simulator & Condor Linked from start and 3. Portmoak Airfield and Facilities
Visiting Power Aircraft
* Single Engine Piston aircraft are permitted to visit Portmoak. PPR must be obtained. Telephone Portmoak office on 01592 840543.
* Arrivals should be recorded where possible by the Duty Pilot or log keeper. You should update the Arrivals book with your relevant details
* Landing fees are payable and accounts are to be settled prior to departure.
* Where the office is unmanned, post flight details and payment into the night safe.
* See our tariff for landing fees.
* See the Airfield Manual (pdf) for further information.
See 9. Operation of Powered Aircraft
Ground Rules (pdf) - the basics of how we operate the field Linked from 5. Airfield Operations
Solo test paper (pdf) Online Resources
SGU Memorandum of Association (pdf) Linked from Governance
SGU Articles of Association (SGU AoA June 2020_approved) Linked from Governance
SGU Expenses Policy (pdf) Linked from Governance
Our Fleet
* Two K21 dual-seat trainers - HPV and LOV
* One DG505 dual-seat advanced trainer - 5GC
* Three Junior single-seaters - FUS, FFY and HHD
* Two Eurofox Tugs, G-OSGU and G-OSGC
* One Skylaunch Winch
* One Supacat winch
* Several airfield vehicles for recovering club gliders to the launchpoint after landing.
Linked from 3. Portmoak Airfield and Facilities
G-OSGU & G-OSGC - check details Linked from Online Resources
Becoming an Inspector (pdf) - Jim Thompson's presentation Linked from Evening Talks
BGA website members' area - packed with information for UK glider pilots Linked from Online Resources
BGA XC Ladder - Cross country files from across the UK Linked from XC
FAI Sporting Code Section 3 (pdf) - badge flight rules Linked from XC
Glider Airworthiness (pdf) - Jim Thompson's presentation Linked from Evening Talks
Gliding and the Mind (pdf) - Tony Spirling's presentation Linked from Evening Talks and XC
Glider Type Conversion Form (pdf) - as per page 25 of the Airfield Manual No longer used
Glider Type Conversion Letter (pdf) - as per page 25 of the Airfield Manual No longer used
Letter of Agreement between NATS, Scottish, RAF and BGA for crossing P600 and N864 - 2019 version (pdf) See E. Letters of Agreement
Member's Forum Linked from Start
Portmoak Press Archives See Newsletters
Tariff See Governance
The Board Linked from Start
GLAMIS - Online Accounts System Linked from Online Resources
Online Booking System Linked from Online Resources
Talks 18/19 presentation Alex's country presentation Linked from Evening Talks and XC
Talks 18/19 presentation Phil's NZ Gliding Linked from Evening Talks
Talks 18/19 presentation Phil's See You and Oudie Linked from Evening Talks and XC
8.33 kHz Frequency Linked from XC
XCSoar and Airspace - slides from Kate Byrne's talk Linked from Evening Talks and XC
Kate's How to download airspace Linked from Evening Talks and XC
Many more links! See below

Most of these were to other gliding clubs, various national organisations, and manufacturers and their UK agents. Links are forever changing and Google is your best friend!

A couple of sets have, however been preserved in so far as changes allow - some entries no longer exist and have been pruned. These links were all correct on the 29th December 2020 but may change in the future.

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