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8. New Members

First of all, a special and warm welcome to the SGC on what is hopefully a long and enjoyable gliding career. There is a lot to take in when starting gliding, the learning curve is steep and you never really stop learning (which is one of gliding’s many attractions!).

Please see our New Member's Handbook which will give you a good start as to what to expect as a new member.

Please note that:

  • All flying accounts must be kept in credit unless direct debit is put in place.
  • All Learn To Glide members will be asked to sign up to direct debit before the end of the 3 month free membership period and/or before their flying credit is depleted.

A few further pointers;

  • There’s a structured training plan so don’t worry about what you’ll be taught and when. Make sure you start and update your Pre-Solo Training and Ground Training Progress cards and your flying logbook.
  • If you’d like to know a bit more behind the flying lessons you’re being given then take a look at Gliding Basics on the BGA website, but remember that reading is one thing, doing is another.
  • Finally and most importantly, be safe! The way to do this is to follow the guidelines and procedures set out in this document as best you can. Initially it will feel like there’s just too much information and stuff but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Again, please be safe. Gliding is fun – that’s why we do it – but an accident or injury will change that in an instant.

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