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3. Portmoak Airfield and Facilities

3.1 General

Portmoak airfield extends to 180 acres with multiple launch and landing areas. The site is an excellent base for local and cross-country soaring; hill soaring is possible in many wind directions along with wave and thermal soaring for height gains and cross-country flying across much of Scotland.

3.2 Location and Contact Info

General Location Detailed Location

The Scottish Gliding Centre is approximately 30 miles by road North of Edinburgh and just 4 miles off the M90 motorway (J5).

Our contact details are:

Address Scottish Gliding Union, Portmoak Airfield, Scotlandwell, KINROSS, KY13 9JJ
Phone 01592 840543 (answerphone out of hours)
Lat/Long N56°11′21″ W003°19′19″
Google Maps 56.189038, -3.321831

Pilots visiting by air should note that visits are strictly PPR. Further information is provided in 7. Visitors and 9. Operation of Powered Aircraft.

3.3 Club Facilities

The club operates seven days a week, all year, except Christmas Day. The club office is open most days though refer to the club website for the opening hours.

  • The club facilities include
    • the office
    • a clubroom with a café and a bar
    • accommodation comprising ten bedrooms (5 single, 4 twin, 1 double), showers & toilets
    • a briefing room.
  • Please note that due to COVID, the clubroom is available to members only and the café & bar are currently closed.
  • There are no self-catering facilities.
  • Disabled access and toilets/shower facilities are available.
  • We also have a Simulator consisting of the front fuselage of a two seat glider with a 220 degree wrap-around screen – it’s available on a booked and paid for basis.
  • There are two linear hangars for club and private aircraft, and a blister hangar for equipment and gliders.
  • There are two glider workshops, the member’s workshop is available on a booked basis only.
  • Oxygen refills and barograph calibrations are available onsite; please contact the office to arrange.
  • UL91 aviation gasoline is available. The office can provide directions on access and payment.
  • Trailer and glider parking for visitors is on the North side of the centre track opposite the caravan site. Refer Airfield Layout.

3.4 Fleet, Tugs & Winches

  • The club glider fleet consists of two ASK21s, one DG505, one SZD Perkoz and three SZD Juniors.
  • For aerotows, we have two EuroFox tugs. We usually have tug pilots available 7 days a week during May to September.
  • For winch launching we have two winches; a SkyLaunch and a SupaCat winch. We usually have 7 days a week launching available all year round.

3.5 Airfield Layout

Main Features of the Airfield

This site map above shows the main features of the airfield.

Please note the various car and trailer parking areas and the access routes. Traffic to and from the above areas must follow indicated routes. Please note that the South Field is used by landing gliders and tugs.

When accessing the club hangars please exercise great care when crossing the South Field. Vehicles must not cross the South Field, that is take a shortcut, to the hangars. Pedestrians are strongly advised to walk along the track when crossing to and from the hangars. When crossing the South Field, even by the recommended route, be extremely vigilant for aircraft landing from either direction: aircraft can cross the track without warning! When towing to or from the South Field area, pilots must follow the route shown below.

Safe Route to South Field

3.6 General Rules and Housekeeping

Portmoak is an active and busy airfield with multiple landing areas and directions, a mix of glider and powered flying, winching and aerotowing, all generating many potential hazards so please be vigilant at all times and maintain a thorough lookout. Any friends and visitors must be supervised and follow the site rules and procedures.

  • Cars must keep to the tracks unless towing a glider.
  • Wheelchair users or pilots with limited mobility should consult the supervising instructor before driving onto the airfield.
  • Certain vehicle access restrictions may be in place at various times during the year due to ground conditions.
  • The airfield speed limit is 10 mph. Second gear and foot off the accelerator works in most cars!
  • Cars are to be parked in the designated parking areas. Refer Airfield Layout.
  • Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Any dog poo should be taken away to be disposed of.
  • Please collect and dispose of all rubbish, including wing tape, in a suitable bin.

2. Safety on the Airfield and in the Air | Contents | 4. Flying Authorisation

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