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7. Visitors

7.1 General Information

Welcome to the site and on behalf or the Board and members, we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable stay.

Naturally, you will want to learn about the site and its operation if it is your first visit here and it is important to safe flying that you take the time to read the necessary documentation including this manual and obtain the necessary briefing(s) from either your lead instructor or an SGC instructor.

If this is a return visit, welcome back, but please re-read this manual as there may have been important changes made.

7.2 Trailer & Glider Parking

Trailer parking is situated at the North side of the track between the Centre and North Fields opposite the caravan site. Please maintain well-aligned lines to ease rigging.

Airfield Layout

You may have had a long journey to arrive here. Do not rush to rig and fly; make sure that you are rested, fresh and that when you rig your aircraft that positive control checks are made and that another competent pilot double-checks on your behalf.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted when rigging.

When towing gliders out of or back to this area please keep a good look out as the North Field can be very busy. Please remain close to the track and that way there is usually enough room for landings so all that is required is for the tow vehicle to stop as per normal while gliders are on approach.

7.3 Temporary Membership and Pre-flight Requirements

A Temporary Membership form must be completed before you fly. The form contains your membership number and this should be given to the log-keeper at the launch point prior to flying; no details = no launch. A Temporary Membership fee applies for non-reciprocal members. Accounts must be settled prior to departure; payment can be by Card or by Bank transfer.

A copy of your medical (if a medical is required), logbook, relevant licence and insurance documents should be shown to the office / Lead Instructor and your logbook signed.

All pilots new to the site must have a site familiarisation briefing and flight by an authorised instructor from either the SGC or your own club. In particular, it is essential that all pilots read this Airfield Operations Manual and any associated Scottish local airspace arrangements to ensure that they are familiar with current regulations, protocols or Letters of Agreement.

Visiting instructors may only instruct after suitable briefing from the CFI (or designated instructor) and any necessary dual familiarisation flight in either their own or an SGC aircraft.

7.4 Local Flying Conditions

Please (re-) read the notes on ridge flying in B. Ridge Soaring and also take note of 5. Airfield Operations, Weather Considerations.

Aggressive flying styles are strongly discouraged. High energy low passes over the hills may contravene SERA.3101 Negligent or Reckless Operation of Aircraft. Do not fly lower on the hill than the soaring conditions require. Never fly close to, towards or directly over any person on the ground. Lookout is always paramount.

Local residents and hill walkers may perceive low, fast flying as dangerous or obtrusive. Visiting pilots are required to respect and comply with the foregoing.

7.5 Noise abatement

If using powered aircraft (aeroplanes or gliders) please read 5. Airfield Operations, Turbo/FES/Jet Units and 9. Operation of Powered Aircraft about minimising engine noise in the local area.

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