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H. Glossary

aal Above Airfield Level
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
AGL Above Ground Level
AI Assistant Instructor (BGA)
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance
ANO Air Navigation Orders (UK CAA)
ARC Airworthiness Review Certificate
ASI Airspeed Indicator
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATS Air Traffic Service
ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone
Avgas Aviation gasoline
BGA British Gliding Association
BI Basic Instructor (BGA)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAP Civil Aviation Authority Publication
CCE Cross Country Endorsement
CFI Chief Flying Instructor
CGFF Common Glider Field Frequency
CofA Certificate of Airworthiness
CRI Class Rating Instructor
CTA Control Area
CTR Control Zone
D&D Distress and Diversion (Service)
DI Duty Instructor; Daily Inspection
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
F&F Friends and Family
FES Front Electric Sustainer
FI Fully Rated Instructor (BGA)
FI(S) Flight Instructor (Sailplanes) (EASA)
FL Flight level (FL x 100 = feet calculated at standard pressure of 1013.25 hPa)
FRTOL Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence
GA General Aviation
GPL Glider Pilot Licence
GPS Global positioning system
hPa hectoPascal (unit of pressure, same as millibar)
IAIP Interactive Aeronautical Information Package (NATS)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
IFP Introductory Flight Pilot (EASA)
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
L&R (BGA) Laws & Rules
LAA Light Aircraft Association
LAPL(S) Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence (Sailplane) (EASA)
LoA Letter of Agreement
MATZ Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
MG Motor glider
nm nautical mile (1.15 miles, 1.85 km)
NOTAM Notice to Air Men
NPPL National Private Pilot Licence
NST Navigation Skills Test
P1 Pilot in command
P2 Pilot under supervision
PDZ Parachute Drop Zone
PIC Pilot in command
PLB Personal Locator Beacon
PPL Private Pilot Licence
PPR Prior Permission Required
QFE Pressure showing height above airfield or runway
QNH Pressure showing height above mean sea level
RA(T) Restricted Area (Temporary) airspace
RotA Rules of the Air (UK CAA)
RT Radio telephony
SEP Single engine piston aircraft
SERA Standardised European Rules of the Air
SGA Scottish Gliding Association
SGC Scottish Gliding Centre (the airfield & club)
SGU Scottish Gliding Union (the company)
SLMG Self-launching motor glider
SPL Sailplane Pilot Licence (EASA)
SSEA Simple Single Engine Aircraft (UK NPPL)
SSR Secondary surveillance radar
TMA Terminal Manoeuvring Area
TMG Touring Motor Glider
TMZ Transponder Mandatory Zone
TRA(G) Temporary Reserved Area (Gliding) airspace
UL91 Unleaded Avgas (91 octane)
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VMC Visual meteorological conditions
VNE Velocity Never to be Exceeded

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