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SSOW06 - Late Return from Cross Country Flight


The purpose of this Safe System of Work (SSOW) is to specify the procedure to be followed when returning or landing out after a cross country (XC) flight to ensure the duty instructor is aware of the safety of all pilots. This is especially important when the XC pilot returns late and the duty instructor has already left the airfield.

The risk

It is important that the duty instructor (DI) is aware of the safe landing of all pilots and can start a rescue mission for any pilots still unaccounted for after sundown. On a cross country flight a pilot may land out or return to the airfield very late. It is the responsibility of the XC pilot and the duty instructor to communicate when the pilot has landed safely.

Normal procedure

The DI is the instructor with “DI” in the comment after their name on the Click n’ Gilde or, if there is no such comment, the instructor listed first for the day.

Returning while flying still in progress

  • Make sure you are logged down on the log sheet / power booking-in sheet

Returning after duty instructor has left

  • Contact the DI by phone or using ClicknGlide email to the DI.

Landing out

  • Contact office or DI by phone or using ClicknGlide email to the DI.
  • If you do not get a response, leave a message on the club’s answer machine.


Cross Country Pilot
  • Make sure the DI is aware and if possible have their mobile number and the club’s office number (01592 840543) with you.
  • If you don’t have the DI’s mobile number, make sure you can access ClicknGlide to send a message to the DI.
  • On return, make sure you are logged down
  • If the log sheet is no longer available email the DI using ClicknGlide.
  • On landing out, make sure you have two-way communication with the office or the DI.
  • If two-way communication fails, leave a message on the office answer machine.
Duty Instructor
  • Add “DI” in the comment field of ClicknGlide. If DI’s share the day put “DI am” or “DI pm” as appropriate.
  • If there is no “DI” comment then the instructor whose name is first on the screen will be assumed.
  • Before leaving the airfield, check if all pilots are accounted for using winch logs, aerotow logs and the powered aircraft booking in/out log.
  • If not keep your phone on and respond to phones or messages from late returning pilots or pilots that landed out. Check your emails for messages via ClicknGlide. Check for locations of missing aircraft.
  • If anyone is still unaccounted for after dark, inform CFI and CSO. They will try the pilot’s emergency contact number on the club database and start search and rescue the following morning (in daylight), after checking the office answer machine.


Approval and Review Certification

Date Name of Assessor / Reviewer
1-2-2022 W Rossmann
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