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SSOW01 - Aircraft Refuelling Operations


The purpose of this Safe System of Work (SSOW)] is to specify the procedure to be followed when re-fuelling the Tug and other aircraft. The primary purpose of this SSOW is to ensure that no persons are exposed to fire or explosion during aircraft re-fuelling operations.

The hazard

UL91 is a volatile fuel that can readily ignite and explode. The ignition source can be a spark of static electricity, the energy from a mobile phone, cigarette and matches, naked flame or stray electrical energy

Procedure to refuel

  1. Obtain key to tug hangar from the club house.
  2. Unlock hangar.
  3. Pick up fuel hut key and fuel log
  4. Unlock the fuel hut.
  5. Ensure the fuel pump is on.
  6. Check the tank reading by using the key to operate the key switch below the display and compare with the fuel log
  7. Ensure that mobile phones are switched off, there is no smoking, no naked lights, all engines are switched off and power supplies are isolated.
  8. Close the barrier across the club access road
  9. Remove the nozzle from its housing on the pump. Stretch out the hose to the aircraft.
  10. Connect the anti-static clip to ensure equal electrical potential during fuel transfer.
  11. Remove the fuel cap, place the nozzle in the filler pipe and refuel the aircraft.
  12. On completion remove nozzle, replace the cap and remove the anti-static clip.
  13. Return the hose to the pump hut and replace the nozzle on to the pump.
  14. Open the barrier across the access road.
  15. Check the tank reading as in “6”.
  16. Complete the fuel log recording fuel used, on what and by whom. Sign the log.
  17. Lock the pump hut.
  18. Return to the tug hangar and replace fuel log and fuel hut key.
  19. Lock the tug hangar and return keys to the club house

Information, instruction, briefing and authorisation

The tug master (or those nominated by the tug master) shall provide a brief and demonstration of the safe use of this re-fuelling facility.


The tug master at the Scottish Gliding Centre


Approval and Review Certification

DateName of Assessor / Reviewer
2-10-2018W Rossmann
17-9-2020J Dickson
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