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Condor & Simulator

Click to enlargeWe are very proud of our Simulator, which is based on an old Bocian fuselage and runs Condor 2. As well as using it on the Simulator, you can also buy your own copy to use at home. Note that Condor runs on Windows PC and Apple Macs only.

From the user manual:

To be able to fly in Condor, you do not need a joystick. The glider can be controlled using mouse or keyboard. However we do strongly suggest that you should use at least a joystick with a twist rudder support. For the ultimate experience we recommend using rudder pedals and a joystick with force feedback.

A number of custom flight plans have been created for the Club's simulator which you can download to use in your own Condor setup at home. You will need to have the Scotland 4 landscape installed. You can get this using the Condor Updater or from the Condor Club website, or (SGC members only) see the instructions on the members' forum, “Condor2 Scotland4 files” topic. SGC Members will also find a lot more useful threads if they search for “Condor”.

Custom Flight Plans

There are basic lessons that are based at Portmoak airfield, for practising general handling, launching, circuits, ridge soaring etc, and there are also some pre-defined cross country tasks around Scotland's glorious scenery.

Basic Lessons

You can download these lesson plans and unzip them into your Documents\Condor\Flightplans\ folder. You will need the K21 glider to fly most of them, which is not part of the standard set.

Cross Country Tasks

These are some of the flight plans from the online races the club ran in May and June 2020. As for the basic lessons, download them and unzip into your Flightplans folder. Where the glider is specified, it will be one of the standard set.

Loading a Flight Plan

To use the basic lessons or cross country tasks, select “Free Flight” from the main game menu, “Load” at the bottom of the map screen and then the “User flightplans” tab.

Bishop Ridge Ghosts

If practising Bishop Hill soaring, you may want to download some “ghosts” that have been created to provide gliding traffic on the ridge for you. Unzip these files into Documents\Condor\FlightTracks\. They can be selected on the “Notams” tab just before starting a flight using “03 PortLesson Bishop Hill Soar” flight plan. You will only see ghosts that exactly match the flight plan you are flying. To see others that may be slightly different, click on the “Filter” drop-down and untick the selection filters.

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